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(1)    What is a dedicated Internet Access connection?

    A dedicated connection is an unlimited connection so you can remain connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a dedicated connection you get a static IP address so it is perfect for connecting a server to the Internet or providing Internet access to a small LAN.

(2)   What do you get with the promotional dedicated access connection packages?

Package includes:

  • Router (PAT enabled) on-loan throughout subscription period
  • 30 email addresses
  • Local domain name (
  • Internet training
  • Access kit
  • Client installation (1 workstation)
  • Mail backup services
  • SMTP Smarthost mail relay service
  • Primary and/or secondary DNS hosting
  • FIRST 100 new connection customers will be entitled to a digital camera
  • Customers also has an option to buy Compaq ProLiant Server at special price

(3)    What is PAT enabled router?


Similar to NAT, PAT supports many to 1 mapping. A router with NAT functionality translates all your network/internal address into one single public IP address. Your network is then hide behind the router from the Internet making your LAN more secure. It will also allow all users on an entire LAN to access the Internet

Service Description (Regional/Internationl Bandwidth) Monthly charge (HK$)
64K/32K $1,880
64K/64K $2,080
128K/64K $2,480
128K/128K $2,880

You are welcome to contact us for details.  Remember, this promotional offer has 60 quotas only!  So, be quick!



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If you are looking for a dedicated servers that can meet your hosting or database requirements then newsbook is the best for you. We are confident that we can offer you the best deals on hosting. Newsbook is a professional web site hosting provider and guarantee you a high level of uptime. We do our best to avoid any malfunctions.

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